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The Importance of a Clean Living Environment

When it comes to senior safety and health, untidy living spaces are considered a major risk for falls. Falls can have devastating effects on a senior’s well-being that affect not only their health but also their quality of life. Hence, a vital part of senior care in Massachusetts is maintaining a tidy living environment. Likewise, we break down the reasons why a veal home is important to senior wellness:

  • Promote Health and Safety
    Perhaps the most important benefit of having a clean home is safety. An organized home, in combination with services like nursing care in Massachusetts, lowers the risk of infection. A home with little to no clutter also reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. Regular cleaning also limits allergens for seniors who suffer from seasonal allergies.
  • Greater Independence
    Older adults who receive companion care are able to keep their independence and maintain their quality of life. By having a clean home, seniors can more easily navigate their surroundings. Caregivers can offer assistance with light housekeeping as well, to lessen the burden of home upkeep and maintenance during the golden years.
  • Enhance Mood and Create Purpose
    The act of cleaning, even with the assistance of a caregiver provides a sense of independence and purpose for older adults. This enhances their mood and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. Seniors with impaired mobility and other conditions can try simple cleaning tasks like tidying up objects or disinfecting surfaces to gain a sense of accomplishment and feel less stressed.

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